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Kauai Beach House Renovation

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

White kitchen, with natural wood accents throughout

When the homeowner first contacted us, this property was looking rough. REALLY rough...but it's what we do. Transform spaces, and bring them back to life, so families and friends can lounge--play--work together, creating memories in their living spaces.

This property is oceanfront on Kauai's northeast side, which means extra care is needed in weatherproofing for the daily dose of salt air and ocean mist that the exterior is exposed to. The interior design is a fusion of beach/coastal and modern, using white paint to brighten the space, whitewashed gray flooring, and wood accent walls and ceilings. The finished product is an open, airy design, with a unique floor plan that allows for several different lounging areas throughout.

The beginning...

The beginning...difficult at this stage to see what the space will become


Being oceanfront, it's important to use the proper materials for the conditions. The exterior lanai was uncovered, so we put in drains to help manage the water. The deck was covered in red guard to seal and waterproof the sub-floor before installing slate tile. The tile roof is a durable choice for the beachfront location, but needed work. With renovations, it's not always easy to source the same materials that were originally used, such as these roof tiles, but we after significant research, we managed to find a supplier on the mainland and special ordered them.

Project In Process

This is the main upstairs kitchen and dining room, with the lanai on the far right.

Our daughter, Waioli, gives the floors an inspection.

It's always fun for me, as the wife of a contractor, to see the projects unfold. There are so many layers involved before you get to the fun stuff (the pillows, throw rugs, furniture...which is my happy place!)

Here's a few photos (below) of the design process at work, laying out tile and stone to match color palates, and sampling different colors of wood stain to choose the finish for the accent walls. Gray was the winner, which was a cohesive color with the white walls and distressed gray flooring.


As always, the final touches are where the real magic happens. Choosing materials with a similar theme throughout the project is key, and completing the design with furnishings that match the style is crucial for a cohesive finished product. I love the final results of this tasteful Kauai beachhouse. (It also happens to be available as a vacation rental, so please contact me if you are interested.) Aloha from the Flemings!


Today, I'm thankful for my home. Being a homeowner on Kauai brings so much joy, and relief from having to be in the renter's "hamster wheel" as there is a major shortage of housing here. I love caring for my land and home, and watching my kids play in our big yard.

What are you grateful for today? I'd love to hear...

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