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Treehouse Masters on Kauai

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

There's something about treehouses that sparks a nostalgic cord in everyone--no matter what age you are. This past spring, Chad and his team had the unique opportunity to work alongside Pete Nelson, from the TV show "Treehouse Masters" on a project on Kauai's north shore. The Hawaii episode, a two-hour special, was featured on Animal Planet August 17th, 2018, and showcases one new treehouse, and a "tree-hab," taking an existing one to new heights...


Working with Pete was pure entertainment. He really is just as gentle, kind and goofy as he appears on his show. Unlike other TV crews we have experienced from LA, Pete's production team was laid back, possessing an ease about them that only a group who travels the globe together, with the task of building treehouses could have!


New Treehouse Build

The new treehouse project was nicknamed the Sky-Wave, because of its unique design, inspired by Kauai's island culture and the family's love of surfing. The project began with a sweet Hawaiian blessing, honoring the sacredness of the tree and the 'āina...and finished with a surprise gift from Pete to the family. The whole experience was incredible, but the most rewarding part was watching our friends Steve and Tracey, and their three stellar keiki, end up with an amazing treehouse which will be a space to play music and create memories together as a family for years to come.

IN PROGRESS (slideshow)

THE REVEAL (slideshow)

The finished product of the Sky-Wave Treehouse


As if that weren't enough, at the end, Pete gifted the family with a unique hand-carved sign. He wrote the words "Be in a Tree" in Hawaiian, recycled from one of the floor planks of the original small platform Steve had built. Such a heart-felt way to say Aloha...

Our son Blue was so happy to meet Pete, and he painted a picture of Pete building a treehouse. Of course, Pete graciously entertained him.

THE TREE-HAB (of the Bohemian Treehouse)

While the Treehouse Masters were on Kauai, they also worked on a rehab of another existing one. Our friends, Daize and Aamion, had a pretty sweet little treehouse that Aamion previously built. A little backstory...They are a lovely, inspiring couple who released a remarkable travel documentary in 2017 called Given about their family's surf adventure around the world. I cannot speak highly enough of this family and film--the incredible footage, cinematography, and beautiful innocent narrative as told from a young Given's point of view...it's a perfect family night movie, and brings tears to my eyes every time I see it because the story is simply so beautiful. It's available on Netflix. Watch it!

It's amazing what a tree can be!

OK, back to treehouses... this family, who also have three incredible keiki, were able to enjoy Pete and his team's helping hands to finish creating their dream treehouse. I went to see it recently, and was blown away. The finished product is a mixture of rugged nature and luxurious creature comforts, which makes for an incredible nest (pun intended).

THE REVEAL (slideshow)

The finished product of the Bohemian Tree-hab

With the custom hardware designed by Nelson, the options for building treehouses are endless. We look forward to building our next treehouse on Kauai...who's ready to Be in a Tree?


Today, I'm grateful for our own treehouse. (I will blog about this soon...) Chad built us a sweet little treehouse using mostly refurbished materials from past jobs. It has teak floors, mahogany lanais, and thatched roofing, with cozy rugs, pillows, chalkboard, and bookshelf--a magical little space! We spend lots of quality time in it.

What are you grateful for? I'd love to hear!

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